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Camping gear 101: A must have gear for your next Camping trip.

June 25, 2017 2 min read

The weather is warm, trees are blooming and it's a perfect time for Camping, Hiking or any other outdoor activities. It's time to get lost in the wilderness and enjoy the vibrant color of nature. Whether you want to get away with your hectic city life or just spend a weekend with your family in nature.

Beside Tent, Sleeping Bag and Sleeping pad, a good preparation for your next camping trip is a great way to enjoy and make most out of the trip. Out staff has picked out the essential camping gear for your next trip.

1) Fire Starter 

You need a campfire if you are Camping, and it can be very hard sometimes when it's raining or windy. This aluminum fire starter can be a life saver and comes very handy.


2) Backpack

A backpack is a must for a Camping trip. This military grade pack is no 1 choice for all campers. It comes with many compartments to put water to your candy and snacks during a hiking trip. It is strongly built but comfortable.


3) Flashlight

The 6000 Luman LED flashlight is perfect for any outdoor activity. It is a life saver and literally, it can save your life. Whether you need to go for number 2 at night or just looking to make sure you don't have anything unwanted in your camping area. This is a must have.


4) Camping Tent Light

A lightweight, energy efficient and cheap Camping LED light. This light has  3 modes, and it can be hanged in any tent. It just makes camping more magical. This is a must have camping gear under 10.


5) Hydration Back Pack

Water is must while outdoors. Do you know people can survive weeks without food?But they will barely make few days without water.  Water is very important during the Summer when the temperature with humidity is hovering around 80-degree plus. This hydration pack makes sure that you have plenty of water during your camping trip.



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